Help! My fiverr gig is dying day after day


hello Fiverrs,
i noticed that my gig is dying day after day, i don’t know what to do. i used to have between $100 and $150 a month or maybe some months more than that, but know i can’t even get $20! do you have any idea what is the problem? what can i do to let my account active again?



1: its all onto the buyers if they want to buy your gigs this is a start.
2: old gigs get burried under new gigs.
3: customers do find your gigs but same again if they not interested or cannot find your gigs using search then this can be a problem.

4: patients is all u can depend on , no magic wand is needed to make this work.


Most likely there is no need for the service you offer at the moment. I also had a slow start with around the $60,- in one month, the next around $600,- and then something around $300,-. It’s just like it is. Sometimes there are a lot of people who need your gig then there are less.
If it stays that way invent something else to offer.


do you suggest me to run some ads on facebook to improve my gig again and reactive it?


Hi, I have the same problem! Earlier I used to receive plenty of orders and some time ago I just stopped receiving them! I received many messages with questions and orders and then in ONE day everything changed - no orders, no messages. Looks like my gig became inactive.


Yeah me too, i got some few messages and i responded to them and agreed but they didn’t order. That’s too bad :’(


Same is going with me


i think i found a solution :smiley: i just changed the gigs tags. the old tags died and i looked for new ones. now everything is going well i have some sales and also people contacting me so i reanimate my gig again. try to do like me it will work!!


same problem


I think there is a problem with the way gigs get promoted by Fiverr. New gigs get top billing now. So when new buyers check out the site, they wind up trying unproven sellers, and if disappointed, may not come back. I noticed my sales drop significantly this summer (July or so). If you look at Alexa ranking you will see evidence of what I’m talking about. Personally, I love Fiverr. Fiverr has changed my life, and I’ll do whatever I can to help. I just hope the guys upstairs feel the same way.


same problem, but why?


Everybody including me with same problem.