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Help, my Fiverr gigs has been processing since Friday and has not yet processed

Hi, I’ve been a registered year in the Fiverr community, but I’ll just start selling it for the first time, so I’m new to this.

I have made a gig, and everything has been perfect, the publication contains a presentation video about my services and at the time of publishing the gig, this one goes to the draft tab since the video has not been processed. I’m supposed to wait up to 24 hours for the video to be processed, but I’ve been waiting for two days and it has not yet been processed.

I want to start selling, help me solve this problem business friends. :worried:

Note: I have seen the publication of someone who gave 99.99% to solve the problem of the gigs in draft, but I do not think my problem is solved in that way since in my gig the problem is with the video that does not finish processing.

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It seems you did not ‘Published’ your gig yet. You can publish gig without video and add video later on ones gig is up.

I have already solved the problem in a matter of seconds. To those who happen to something similar the solution is that they must upload at least one image, because uploading only the video the publication will remain in drafts. :grin: