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Help! my friends! About to order a gig

Order Gig, is it done before or after the product has been made?

First the order has to be placed by your buyer. Then you can start working on the gig.

  1. Place an order

  2. Explain requirements

  3. Receive order

  4. Review order

  5. Changes made if required

  6. Accept order

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OK thanks for the help! I wanted to know if to start before or after ordering! I’m a salesman. Someone wants to buy a music track, but he wants the track with certain specifications that we already agreed to by messages. How should I tell that person right now? Did the Gig order me to start doing the job for you?

Thank you Mr. homeestates and Mrs. annai80

Send him a custom offer . Once he accepts the custom offer, you can deliver your gig. Good luck.

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