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Help!my gig extras has been disabled! noooooo!


About a month ago, I found this " tip gig " idea in the “tips for seller” box, and when I saw it I thought it was a

great thing to try. I went ahead and created a tip gig with some gig-extras up to $20.

Of course I wasn’t expecting to get tipped right away all the time, but within 3 weeks or so, I did get tipped 3 times. One buyer actually gave me a $20 tip from the gig-extra, and needless to say, I was very happy.

And since this is a tip gig, only one buyer gave me a thumbs-up rating. I guess the other 2 people thought it was not necessary to leave a rating ( since the fact that they gave me a tip was like a positive rating), and actually I thought that the rating was not needed. Was that a mistake? Should I have asked these 2 people to give me a good rating

for that gig too?

THEN this morning I realized my gig-extras has been disabled due to "Low rating."

Like I said, I am not expecting to get tipped all the time, in fact I never forced or begged my buyers to

tip me. I do mention something like “If you are happy with the work I have done, please check out my tip gig” at the bottom of my gig description, but I guess not many people read it.

As a result, not so many people are aware of this gig.

Tips are great. I know that I should be grateful even with the basic $5 tip,and I am, but hey, I’ll be honest.

The more the better, and believe me it’s not just about the money, it made me feel SO happy

when this certain buyer gave me the $20 tip, I really felt like I did a great job,

and that my work was worth that much.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Do you ask the buyers to leave a positive rating each time?

Is it possible to get my gig-extras back??


Give the guys in Customer Support a heads up they may be able to help you sort this out.


This happened to me once, on the order the user left positive feedback on, leave positive feedback on them saying something like thank you for generosity or whatever.

I guess its a glitch but it happened to me, the 100% don’t have the green tick, and i got it by leaving feedback to the user that left me feedback and my rating was restored.

Worth a try, but if not do what @ozzieuk said :slight_smile:


I had the same problem. Despite positive feedback on my tip gig it said my rating was 0%. Just talk to customer support and they will recalculate it for you.


Hello people, and yes, I actually contacted customer support about this.

They responded right away and now my gig-extras are back, that was fast!

Thank you everyone for your comments. :smiley:


Whooo Hoo !

I guess it was a glitch.

Now do a little dance :smiley:


HAHAHA, Loved that show!!! :smiley:


Wow that was fast,got the same issue,my extra are disabled but my gig in profile shows 100%,I already contact the customer support,unfortunately no response till now.



Reply to @solow13:

Hello solow13, I’m sorry to hear that you are having the same problem.

I guess I was just lucky in this case and got things fixed a bit faster than you.

If you are having the same problem as me though, I’m sure you can get your

gig extras back!


My extras are back too!

Thank you Fiverr support :smiley:


Reply to @solow13: They’re awesome !