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Help! My gig got removed for no reason

So I just finished up with my first buyer for this writing gig before the weekend and I just saw that the gig was denied! It was on this website for over a month and I know I did nothing wrong. I just completed a custom order for it and it seemed everything was going fine with the buyer. I’m very concerned about this.

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Since you have no history on Fiverr and no reviews, it’s hard to comment based on what you’ve provided. They wouldn’t deny a gig for no reason. What did they say in the denial message? The most common reason for a denial of a writing gig is problem content. If you had writing samples or had delivered work that was all or partly copied content, PLR or spun through software, this may have triggered a problem.

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I also faced same problem

We’re just regular Fiverr users like yourself and I recommend contacting support regarding the issue you are having.

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