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Help! My impressions are decreasing

Help! My impressions are decreasing. Please can anyone suggest me what can i do?

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Please Post Gig Links Or Profile Links!!!

thanq for this suggestion I willl try @ma_creations

Impressions naturally decrease as you are no longer new.
You’re advertising ‘attractive logos’ but your image sample isn’t very good. Logo creation gigs compete fiercely, and your sample doesn’t stand out in a good way. The second image isn’t your design.

Hi Greetings.
Please understand fiverr gigs ranking and impressions depends on many factors.
Like . Your fiverr account average selling price.
response rate.
Order completion rate.
Rating over the time of 60 days.
Click through rate based on gig thumbnail.
Meta description with gig seo title.
And keep in mind there is no other magic to rank it on top so focus on these factors only.

thanq I’m trying to upoad attractive logos @imagination7413

thanq for telling the suggestion @langahsahiib