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Help! My phone number expired and I can't withdraw money

The phone number I linked with Fiverr expired months because I didn’t link my Adhaar ID (an ID system recently introduced in India). I’ve been using a new network operator and the fact that the old number had expired didn’t bother me much.
That was until I tried withdrawing money by linking my Payoneer but before I could do that it asks me to enter the PIN sent to my old number, which when it tries to do returns with an error saying “Network Error”.
Now, to change my phone number it requires me to answer a security question, I do not remember the answer to. I usually answer security questions wrong or randomly as I’ve never needed them much based on experience from other sites.

I am currently talking to Fiverr Customer Care, let’s see how it goes.
What’s the best way to explain this to them? I can submit all and any documents needed.

Has anyone been in a similar situation?


I think you are in trouble then.
Ask customer support.

Answering security questions randomly doesn’t seem very smart.


Hi did you get this issue resolved with customer support? I’m having the same problem, I randomly entered in a phone number, and now I don’t remember it :frowning:

@angelina2794 Contact Support.
I find it odd that you would make up a random number in the first place. smh


Why would you do this? Why wouldn’t you enter in your ACTUAL phone number? :roll_eyes:

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I was pretty sure I entered in a random number because I searched all the
phone numbers I have had in the past 5 years, and none of them worked.
Luckily a friend texted me and I realized it was his number that I used. I
was out of the country at the time when I made Fiverr account and needed
someone’s phone to verify account. I’ve resolved issue now.

Hi there, i am having the same problem. i dont even remember the security question. did customer support solve your problem? I have talked with them to change the number but they said they cant help me to change the number and they told me to remember the security question. How did you solve the problem/

You don’t have to remember the question - only the answer.

There’s a limited number of security questions they can ask - how can you not know the answer?

dear i just forget the answer because i have opened my account last year and started earning from march 2018 now i want to withdraw my earnings… but i cant get the verification code because it says network error. does fiverr has email verification instead of mobile?

But the answer is something easy for you to remember. The security questions are typically something like your childhood nickname, the name of your first pet, your mother’s maiden name… How can you forget something like that?

You verify your account by email when you first register, but it’s not a replacement for the phone verification.

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dear, is there any way to withdraw the account? I have just forgot and i dont remeber. even i dont get the code to that number

If you can’t remember what was your childhood nickname or whatever the security question asks of you, and if you’re unable to verify your phone, only Customer Support can help you.

Remember that those security measures exist for a reason. What if someone hacked your account and told CS that they don’t remember their own personal details and can’t verify their own phone, so can they get the funds anyway, pretty please?

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so thats why i am offering the email verification or other anything they asked for… customer support even delete my request about the security question…

even if i dont want to change the number, i should get the code but its randomly says network error… and my payoneer is still currently being reveiwed… but whats the connection… the email of both fiverr and payoneer is different…

If you set your accounts up yourself with the security questions etc. none of this should prove a problem to you unless there’s some sort of bug.

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how to remove the bug?

i am having this problem

We can’t help I’m afraid - only Customer Support can.

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dear, how did you solve the problem? did you change the number? did you remember the security question answer?

Read the post above :small_red_triangle: yours. :pineapple:


The user you are asking doesn’t have any gigs, and his last delivery was 6 months ago. It looks like he left Fiverr, so it’s unlikely that he will answer.