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Help: need a good seller who can send real us traffic

Hello my fellow buyers, am a newbie on fiverr and i was able to contact some top sellers and some level 2 sellers about my request. I even requested for the gig and i have gotten over 55 sellers that are ready to the work with me but am still confused, don’t know the one to work with. This is the gig i posted…

I need real US traffic, It can be from social websites(facebook, twitter etc but not instagram) or blogs. Minimum- 4000clicks daily. I just need them to click on a health related link. Its not a must they read the article. They should just click the link.

Buyers, please i just need a seller thats trustworthy. Am ready to work long term with him/her. Would love your recommendation(s) please.

It’s already a cliche to discuss traffic generating gig here in the forum. You can search relevant topics here. Most of the similar gigs provide fake traffic despite their claim of “REAL” traffic. You seriously don’t think that paying just a small amount of money can bring you genuine visitors, do you? Then all advertising and promotion can disappear. You just need to buy these traffic gigs and your companies or websites must succeed. That’s not the way things work.

hello thompson? i can recommend a perfect person for you on that social marketing, the seller is very reliable and he posts your Ad or links to 70% USA group, just buy his gig and see


Reply to @onlinecrew: Interesting that your username starts with “online” and the referral you are offering is for a username that starts with "online."

To @thompson1510 Personally I think that looking for 4000 clicks on a link is unlikely to result in 4000 real people clicking the link at any price. Why not get traffic through advertising which could result in real clicks?

yea fonthaunt, the person i mentioned is my mate in school and amn trying to convince him to try him on social network posting.