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Help need about gig search tag

Hello, I Hope you all doing great. I am a little bit confuse about Fiverr search tag option.

I read some articles related to it, also doing research in Fiverr forum And also seen some video but it’s getting more complicated.

Can anyone please help me with whats the best way to use search tags? How its related to rankings.

Thanks for your valuable time.


You can search on Fiverr relate your gig. Like, your gig is about flyer. You search there ‘flyer’, then most using tags that’s client search, that will be in the top list of search bar. That tags are useful to use your gig.


Thank you for your kind reply. Should i include the main word like you mentioned flyer, other tag like professional flyer design. its so big that wont put it on tag option, in that case what would you do.

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@anamikanim You can try other tags because I didn’t use the professional flyer tag in my flyer’s gig :slightly_smiling_face:


anamikanim can you research about it before gig creation.

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For best FIVERR tag,
I suggest you search for your kind of work.
Like if you work on “adobe illustration.”
Search it on FIVERR; then, you got many gigs about this type of works.
Then research other gigs.
You will find many gigs tags.
I think those will help you to find the best gig tags.
Happy Freelancing

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