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Help! Need Expert Suggestion

I got a data scrapping project, the projector content is to find the emails of Comcast mobile users but it is different from other common projects. I can’t find any information on Google or directory site. I want a suggestion from the experts as to how can I get the information.

Thanks in advance.


Not to discourage you but you are basically asking your competitors to help you to do your job? (The job that you’ve been paid to do but you are asking them to help you for free?)


After reading your comment I feel like I shouldn’t have posted and the fact is that I probably can’t do it anymore. If I find someone here who can do this job maybe I can encourage my buyer to hire him.

It’s probably not publicly available data and all those mobile users probably don’t want you giving away their private email addresses anyway. It could be against data protection laws to do even if it was possible.

Thanks for your informative reply.

@robiul70 :roll_eyes:

@bmsurujuddin would you like to add something?