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Help need for my fiverr revenue


I need to help withdrawa my some revenue from fiverr I already add it in Payonner I have no Payonner card right now I need to transfer it my bank account but I give all information properly but there was I saw a password options I add my fiverr Payonner password but I can’t access it any body help me?


You can try to add PayPal or direct bank wiretransfer


For the first time integration with Payonner, you have to enter Payonner password. Once integration is done you can withdraw to Fiverr Revenue Card or bank transfer.


I try to widraw direct bank


I try to withdrawa direct bank but they need a password which one I provide I really confused its my first time withdraw


Withdraw to Payonner and from there you can transfer to your bank.


Yes I try to add bank in my account but they tell me enter your password I try again and again but it refiused me more time.


Login to Payonner first and then try withdrawing again .


First you need to input payoneer card.


You have to wait until the Payoneer card arrives. With Payoneer card you will receive a code, you have to input that code in Payoneer dashboard to verify, after that you can withdraw your Fiverr earnings with your Payoneer :slight_smile: