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Help, need instructions to start a order. My buyer can't do that

One of my buyer ordered my gig yesterday. It’s a 1 day delivery. He could not start the order. I made a complaint and didn’t receive a response yet. I sent him the design because he need it quickly. He still saying that he can’t start it.

If you can please tell me how to start the order. Then I can send them to my buyer.

Thank you.

The buyer just needs to post something on the order page. That’s it. I see you’ve sent in the work even before the order has started…

The clock will start only when the buyer insert the instructions for the gig, if you didn’t have any instructions then the clock will start automatically.

I have the same issue. I have already done the work but the $5 is still stuck…there were some requirements but whenever he clicked “view requirements” nothing happened…I even connected to his computer to see it and nothing was happening…

I have emailed support but again fiverr support is disappointing. I have money in limbo…gig has finished but buyer cannot start it.

It’s 55$. He still can’t stop it. I contacted Fiverr Support. They have nothing to do with it. I asked him to cancel the order and make a tip. He didn’t reply yet. Otherwise fiverr take that money forever.