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Help! Need to Shorten My Gig Description Because It Is Too Long. Any Tips?

I made my description for my Fiverr gig in word and when I moved it into the edit gig page I realised that it is WAY too long (1680/1200 Characters). I need to shorten my gig description however I don’t know how because I still want it to include all of its details/offered items. Any Ideas?

Without looking at it, I would say stick to the key points of your gig description. And, request that buyers contact you if they want to learn more.

Another thing you can do is go with basic points as others suggested and mention special offers for those who contact first. Prepare a .pdf in advance with at least one special offer and list the other things you didn’t have room for. You can send it to prospective buyers.

Just remember, the more information you throw at buyers up front, the quicker they may get bored. If they get bored they’ll place an order without knowing details or worse, they just move on. I have a .pdf like I mentioned that I send to some prospective clients but I make sure that they can at least place a simple order based on my gig descriptions alone. I tend to be wordy and I have to work at saying more with less words or it works against me.

You have a golden opportunity here, why not turn some of these services into different gigs?

Give Your Character God Mode

"I will give your GTA Character God Mode for $5" or "I will give you God Mode.“

Any Characters Amount Of Cash

"I will give you GTA Cash for $5” (and then the gig extras are related to how much cash you’re giving them. Maybe you’ll sell $100,000 for $5, $500,000 for $10, etc.

I’m with @fastcopywriter on this one. You could set up a load of gigs. Less confusion and more opportunities to show up in search.