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Help needed about some fiverr support

I am a level One seller. I have an ongoing order where i have communicated , updated the graphics and send to the buyer. He has given me a sample and told to make some changes in it also when he told to make the girl character to boy i have done that so. But as i send the update he was not replying and wanted to cancel the order. I did not agree as i have wasted so much time and going according to his plans. Now he is threading me to report on fiverr support. So how may i get help from fiverr support as a seller.
Thanks Shakiba

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You can take the screenshot of the conversation and show them to the CS . And do not cancel the order if you have delivered as your gig description .


Yes i am not canceling it as i have delivered according to his requirement. And he is a new buyer on fiverr. I have worked on so many projects. But never cancel it. I will stick to my decision.

Good !.. Now take the SS and send those to the CS .Hope they will fix this issue … :grinning:

In my experience in this kind of situations CS does not take a side. So the seller end up with a cancellation or a bad review. I would talk with the buyer nicely and ask them to be reasonable. Because in the long run this kind of things gonna happen a lot. ( you can ask for a partial payment but it has to be done in a nuw custom order, contact CS before you do)

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Deliver the order updates as an official delivery and if the buyer requires any further modification, he/she will be able to request the modification else the order will be marked as auto-complete in 3 days if buyer fails to respond.

In the meantime, reach the CS and they will do the needful.

Remember: Fiverr never force a buyer to accept a delivery. So, try communicating with the buyer as needed.

Good Luck!!

Fiverr Support Link!

Thanks for all of your response. I am continuing to send the modification and yes i have always talked nicely with the buyer.

i think no need to contact support. if you did the job accordance with the buyer requirements.

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