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Help needed, can't deliver work due to fiverr problems!

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting in here and it’s quite urgent so I really hope someone can help me!

I’ve had three gigs with the same buyer, writing a fictional story for her - And today I was supposed to deliver the final chapter.

She has been a great buyer, very satisfied with my work, leaving good reviews and even gave me a tip, which is awesome and also why I really don’t want to disappoint.

This last order is due in 2 hours, but fiverr keeps saying there’s a problem and they are aware of it - But I’ve tried to deliver the work all day and I still can’t!

When I went to her profile to send her a message, it says that the user is no longer active on fiverr. If she has regretted to buy the last chapter, or if she has deleted her profile for other reasons, that is completely okay with me and I’m not angry with her - I just need to know what I should do in this situation since the work is still there as an order and I can’t deliver it, but it’s ticking down… I’m really lost!

If she’s deleted her profile, I can’t really get it to her in anyway, but is that what’s happened?

And also, how will it affect me if I don’t deliver this work on time? I would really hate to get a bad reputation because of it :confused:

Sorry it ended up being so long, I would really appreciate all help! Thank you!

I suggest you contact customer support as soon as possible and make them aware of the issue. It might be just a technical bug. I had a seller last week who had to open a new account because he did not know what happened to his old one from what he said…unfortunately there is not much you can do right now, since it will take support a few days to look into your issue…you should not worry about bad feedback or anything just keep screen shots of everything, support will stand by your side because they will realize it is a technical issue and therefor not your fault.

Thank you! I really hope the buyer will realize this and contact me if she hasn’t left because she wanted to, because she’s been really awesome so I feel so bad about it ._.

Hi @Chrisisthis,

Try not to worry too much about this. It’s super stressful, but I agree with @annai80 that this will straighten itself out once you contact support.

In the meantime, one thought that you may have not yet tried. I’ve occasionally had this same issue in terms of trying to contact a Buyer, and have found that while it says the user is no longer active on fiverr if you go to the profile, sometimes if you find an old conversation chain with the user that’s within your inbox, you can message back through there, and get through to the Buyer that way. Have you tried this?



Reply to @chrisisthis: What web browser do you use? i.e. Internet explorer or firefox. I know it sounds weird, but I’ve had similar issues with using firefox and had to login using Chrome on my tablet in order to get around this. I don’t have a clue why the web browser would make any difference, but it does seem to.

Reply to @philtabest: If changing web browser doesn’t resolve the problem, as everyone else says the best course of action would be to contact Customer Support.