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Help needed for a fraud order

I have got an order to create an Instagram account with all fake information. The client did not message me before order. I don’t want to do any fraud job to make the World a better place to live in. What is the best policy to handle this client. Please help @offlinehelpers
Specially You helped me earlier when I was in problem. Please help me

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i think only option is to cancel the order.

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If you’re unable to complete the order, or aren’t able to, just go to the resolution centre on the order page and ask for a mutual cancellation.

It may affect your account, but not as badly as a negative review would.

Good luck! :sunny:


@offlinehelpers, requirement of order is not being found now. I asked the buyer. He replied Capture. What can I do now? Actually I don’t want the order done. Please help me


What is a bug in fiverr? Why does he want me for reporting?

He hasn’t reported YOU, he’s reported a BUG.

Have a look at the other similar forum posts which have just appeared.


This is the second time I moved a thread of yours. Tips for sellers is a section where YOU offer tips. Please be mindful of where you’re creating a new topic. :fox_face:


Question answered. Tagged person is a saint.