Help Needed from Fiverr Experts! I\'m confused about my multiple skills


Hi Fiverr Peeps, I hope you all are doing good. Coming to my question directly. I want to ask if a person has multiple skills. Like I can do whiteboard videos, I can do any tasks related to HTML, CSS, Jquery, PHP and more web related tasks. So is it a good exercise to add gigs related to all my skills. Or I should only add gigs related to one category. I’m very much confused because I’ve seen people at fiverr which do work in only one category. Fiverr experts are requested to answer my query. Thanks in advance


Hi there,
As per my experience i will recommend you to create different gig under different categories as this will let you add multiple keywords as SEO. For one gig you will have keyword limitation of 5 words but with more gigs it will increase. When buyer search service using any keyword you can make sure your gig appears on result.

Hope I answered your question.


I also have a multiple skills: Front-end, whiteboard animation, vector drawing.
So i think you should try to post different gigs


Okay so you’re getting orders at every gig? Or just at one or two gigs?


Yeah this is a great idea. I should add more and more gigs related to different categories


You can create upto 20 gigs :slight_smile: