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Help needed I am not getting orders on my gigs

I am not getting orders on my gigs from last 2 months. I don’t know what’s the problem behind this but I believe you guys can help me. waiting for suggestions :slight_smile:

We cannot help you obtain orders for your gig services. This is not something we have the ability to do. If buyers are looking for your services, they’ll buy from you. If not, they’ll purchase from someone else. The only things you can do are keep upgrading your gigs, and market and promote your services to your target customers.

Don’t expect free orders. You’re going to have to work to obtain them.

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You says You didnt get any order from last 2 Months! you already do 15 orders Complete in last 2 months. Recently you Complete 3 order in 24 Hours .

then Why ? Some Sellers are Praying for One Sell and here you get too many orders but Still says you Didnt get Any orders. Owao! just Owao! Bye take care.

Yes you are right :stuck_out_tongue: seen now Thank you!