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Help needed, please someone help me

Hi guys please help me with my situation,
I can’t ask support in the Fiverr site because a message showing action failed keeps popping up, I don’t know what to do.

Hi Fiverr support team,

I created my Fiverr account yesterday and tried to post a gig a while ago. After verification of my account I was able to access the gig preparation page. I completed all the information about my gig and at the last step the page asked me to take a test on my English grammar, when I accepted the to take the test the browser took me to a new window stating all the information about the test, I proceeded after reading the information and another page opened up saying that it was a protected test and I will not be able to close my window during the test. I was alright with that and when I proceeded a new window/tab opened up in my browser which was technically blank with only your title. I went back after waiting for a while but I could not find the gig I was working on (the page said they would save a draft) I couldn’t find any draft of my gig and I did it again and the same thing happened again. I switched to another browser and repeated all the process again and this time the “retake test” button was not even working. It is really frustrating to do the process over and over again and find no results.

I am using an Android mobile phone and chrome as the browser. I also tried Firefox as a second option.

I have downloaded the app from Google play store but the app shows limited features.

I used desktop version of the sites because the recommended it.

I am attaching some of the screenshots of the process I took.

I used the writing & transtation as the category for my gig and want to use the same for some of my future gigs also, so I don’t want a problem with this category.

Hope you would provide a helpful reply and guide me through this situation.

With regards

Username: workmonkey

I am sorry I couldn’t upload any screenshots because I am a new user.
Someone please help me, if you can contact Fiverr support please consider telling my issue. I don’t know what to do and is really frustrated from all this

Hope I would get some help


I think its a fiverr server problem

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Thank you for replying I have tried contacting them through this email (I found this email here at the forum, hope it’s legit)

Contact fiver customer support here:

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Yes, it is a legit email, they will reply you in a few hours and will solve the issue in 24 hour.

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Thank you guys, the support mailed me back, but anyways I’ve dropped that gig for now, and I’m concentrating on design works… it would be a great deal if you could check this out and give me a feed back here

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