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Help needed re cover photo



New on here and just tried to post my first gig. Completely stumped by the cover photo requirements. The size they want looks like the size for a banner add, but all my photographs are normal ratio and look awful if I change them to 1100 x 260. None of the other gigs look as if the photos are this shape. i even right clicked on a few to see image info and none of the ones I looked at are 1100. Sorry if this is a dumb question, not my forte, really frustrated I cant get my gig up. Can anyone help. What whould I do. thanks in advance.

Also, the photo I uploaded in the gallery section had disappeared when I went in to have another go at the cover photo.



1100 x 260 banners are not meant to contain one image, indeed it probably wont look good if you squeeze the height of a high-res photo down to 260px. You could take an artisitc “slice” ( :smiley: ) of your photo in 1100 x 260 and add some neat text to it, or perhaps compose the banner of several smaller images. The possibilities are really endless!


Appreciate your fast response and what you say makes sense. Its just that Ive looked at other gigs and they just seem to hve the one main image and it isnt banner shaped, hence my confusion. Im sure this is all easy peasy to most people on here but Im a hypnotherapist who just thought Id sell some mp3s, not relising Id need to do a graphic design course first!.


Ah but you don’t need a banner for that, you can leave it out altogether if you want. The first image that you add to your gigs gallery will be used as the cover/main image, and that doesnt have the resoultion restriction of 1100x260. :slight_smile:


I thought thats what Id done but Fiverr put my gig as Paused and said it was awaiting photo. Aaahhhh!!! Will ty again tomorrow, too fustrated to think anymore.Thanks again for respondng.


Here is a good step-by-step help guide. Use #3 to create an ordinary gig photo instead of a Cover photo. Cover photos (mentioned in step #2) are not normally required anyway. I don’t use them.

This also has some great suggestions you might want to read before you even write your gig and post it:

Fiverr Customer Support


Thank you. Now I understand. Faced with a request for a “cover photo” I naturally assumed it meant a cover photo. Silly me.