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Help needed received third warning and account is flagged

Hi due to new on this platform not reading TOS i had received third warning from fiverr today. I got this email from they just flagged my account.

Your account was flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.
To provide a pleasant buyer/seller experience, we ask that you deliver the requested work within the agreed upon time frame. Abusing the delivery button is a violation of our Terms of Service and harms the integrity of our marketplace. We recommend changing your delivery time or extending the delivery time within the order (if you are unable to meet the deadline).

For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

This is your third warning and therefore your account is currently restricted and under review by our Trust and Safety team.
During the period of the review, you will be able to complete your active orders. However, you cannot place or receive new orders and you cannot communicate with users, other than your buyers/sellers within an active order. Our team will keep you posted with any update.

Now i had also two days left for this ( verify your ID within 2 days to continue offering and buying services on Fiverr) i had completed 7 orders two are waiting for feedback one is in process. I am too much confused what i should do.

Option 1: should i create my new fiverr account and verify it with my id and start working from zero.

Option 2: should i continue this account because it has three warnings i donot at which time will be banned (If i verify my this account with my cnic ,id card pic etc and due to any reason fiverr blocked my account so i create new account with same id and verify it with same cnic etc… )

Need your suggestions … please keep all points in mind and guide me in better decision.

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There’s no point in doing this because Fiverr will ban any future accounts you make. It will never work.

From what I understand (from this quote :arrow_down:), your account has already been banned.

A restricted account is as good as a banned account as it is highly improbable that Fiverr would give your account back to you after already having violated Fiverr’s ToS 3 times. So, option 2 is also out of question.

Being new to the platform is not a legitimate reason for not reading the ToS. It is just an excuse which will never work as, right when new users are creating their Fiverr accounts, Fiverr asks them to read the Terms of Service and check a box where it says something along the lines of “I have read and understood Fiverr’s terms of service.”

Since you had already done that, i.e. informed Fiverr (during registration) that you had read and understood Fiverr’s terms of service, they (rightfully) assume that you have intentionally violated Fiverr’s terms of service

If you plan on moving to another platform, be sure to read the ToS of that platform even before you create an account on that platform.

Good luck! :vulcan_salute:


How i get the money that i had earned during this phase i had not attached any bank etc

Although I really don’t think you’re going to get a positive response, you should, nevertheless, contact Fiverr’s Customer Support and ask them if that’s possible.

Once again, please contact CS in the above-mentioned link.

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Nothing at this point. You can not work on this platform. What you should’ve done is to read TOS from the beginning. Or at least after first warning. Oh wait, you could’ve also read fiverr rules after your second warning! But you ignored them all.
You even ignored it after your account got restricted. Because if you would’ve read them you would’ve already know that you can not do this :point_down:

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They’re currently reviewing your account and while they do it they say you can complete any active orders you have. If they decide not to re-activate the account I think you can get the money earned after 90 days. If you haven’t attached a bank account and it won’t let you you should contact CS about that I think.

But like hanshuber16 has said you should still contact them about if you can continue or if they will let you create a new account. But they may want you to wait until they’ve finished reviewing the account.

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If i create my account with different email and username then will i be allowed to create new account.

Like @mariashtelle1 said to you, creating a new account (even with a different email address) is against the TOS of the site. So that would be yet another breach of Fiverr’s TOS, to go along with the 3 you’ve already been warned about.

Why would you be asking people on the forums for a way to cheat the system!? Even if someone were to tell you, they’d be putting their own accounts at risk by encouraging you to break the rules.

@hanshuber16 has given you the best advice here - speak with Customer Support. Give your side of the story, make it clear that you’ve read the TOS and won’t breach the rules moving forward, and MAYBE they’ll let you keep your account.

But if not, honestly, maybe Fiverr isn’t for you, as one of the most important parts of business is being able to operate within the boundaries of the rules. Do you think if you opened a cafe, and didn’t pay your tax, or didn’t apply for the right permits, that simply saying “I didn’t know” would be enough to keep you out of trouble? If you want to be successful here, you’ve got to start taking it seriously!