Help needed regarding withdrawal through Payoneer


Hi there. I wanted a ask a question regarding withdrawal through Payoneer. So here is my question: If I make a account on my own name on and then setup up my sister’s bank account (I don’t have any) with the Payoneer account and then use this Payoneer account for withdrawal. Will I face any issue? Also if I add another bank account (my own when I have my own bank account) in the Payoneer account then will Fiverr block my Seller account?


Hi. It´s better to clear such things with Customer Support to be on the safe side and if they say it´s okay, keep the email, so you have it to show them in case there are any issues in future.


@miiila The Customer Support just won’t answer my any inquiry.


When did you send it? Often they reply very fast, but depending on how many other inquiries they got in their queue, it can take longer.

edited to add:
By the way, you can´t withdraw your revenues to your bank account right away; after you deliver an order and the buyer marks it as complete or it autocompletes, you´ll see your earnings as ‘Funds pending clearance’ but it takes additional 14 days until you can actually withdraw the money to you Payoneer/account. Maybe you have enough time then anyway to set up your own bank account, that would be the best solution possibly. :slight_smile:


Try asking the customer support team at Payoneer. They will be able to help better. It usualky takes 24 hours for them to respond.


I think it’s nothing to do with the fiverr. It depends on the Payoneer. Payoneer rules varies from country to country. Please ask the Payoneer customer support.