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Help Needed to find a recommended Seller

My son recommended I try this site for having a logo made for my company. He gave me the name of the person he used. How do I find that person?


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You can find that seller by placing their name in the search bar on the buyer page. It is the “Find Services” box on the main Fiverr site. Here I searched for my friend @eoinfinnegan but I see I misspelled his name. :roll_eyes:

If you go into the Buyer Request Jungle as @naeem_islam01 suggests it may not turn out so well for you. Many desperate new sellers reply to Buyers Requests and although some may be good, it will be difficult for you to locate the buyer your son suggested.


You should be able to type the name in as a URL, but it has to be exact.


search on your browser :
(note: username= The seller name you searching)

That’s exactly what @imagination7413 said. You shouldn’t copy others’ posts in the Forum!


O ya thank you. I didn’t see that comment

Thank you, everyone! My son explained that I needed to scroll down after I entered her name in the search bar. Sigh… I have so much to learn


That’s okay.

I’m still trying to figure out my relationship with this Mr. Google fellow and why he’s such a know-it-all.

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Thank you, yes my son told me how to do it