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Help needed to get Top Rated Badge!

Hello everybody,
I have been working on Fiverr since April 2015 and I became a Level 2 seller in April 2016. Since then I have maintained my level 2 status. It means, I have never been demoted!

I completed Top Rated Seller requirements on Feb 2019 and waiting to get TRS badge for the last 17 months.

The purpose of this post is to get help in finding out what’s wrong with my profile/gigs or what is pushing me away to get the promotion?

Below are some details that you may need to know to better analyze my case.

Joined Fiverr: April 2015
Niche: Graphic Design
Avg. Selling Price: $52.23
Total Completed Orders: 851
Total canceled Orders: 47 (Cancelled only 9 orders in last 2 years)
Warnings: NO warning received in 5 years
Negative Reviews: NO negative review in 5 years
Total Reviews: 638
First Nomination of TRS: Feb 2019
Consistent waiting months for TRS: 17

(Feel free to ask me if I didn’t list any important info.)

PS: I understand that there is no Fiverr employee here on this forum and no member has the authority to promote me. So I am only looking some genuine advice on what I am missing.


I don’t have the answer but I just want to say that it’s great that you’ve been so successful on Fiverr. You’re clearly a professional who cares.

The only thing I can suggest (and this is not aimed at you!) is that a lot of people think they are entitled to TRS status, and I imagine that Fiverr is inundated with applications.

I guess demand completely outstrips supply in this way.


Only Fiverr knows who they select for TRS, and why that seller is worthy. There is nothing you can do to gain the TRS badge, nor do you need it in order to be successful. It looks like you are a great Level 2 seller, you should be proud of that fact. Focus on continuing to be a great Level 2 seller, and if Fiverr chooses to promote you someday, you can consider that a reward for work well done. Until then, don’t worry about things you cannot control. Level 2 is an excellent achievement. Be the best Level 2 seller you can be.


Thanks for the compliments. I don’t think there is a gap between demand and supply because I have seen a few cases in my category who were promoted to TRS despite the fact that they had poor statistics than me. Also, there are some sellers in my category who are even better than me (almost in every sense) but still they haven’t got the badge yet.
I have a hunch that Fiverr team doesn’t review all nominated profiles thoroughly.


No doubt. Agree with you except.

I think, there is something sellers can do that’s why Fiverr used to email same suggestions to all the sellers who were nominated but not promoted.

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Hats off. :tophat: Fiverr editorial team will decide you worthy of TRS or not, but definitely you are a great successful Seller. Good Luck on your Sell :dollar:


Thank you for the compliments :star_struck:


I do not agree. There are TRS’s that have never been on the Forum. Just yesterday a seller announced she earned her TRS and she is almost never seen on the Forum.


This is a misconception. Two of my friends are Top Rated Sellers and they rarely pop up here. However, I have been active here for last 4 years. Here is a glimpse of my Forum activity.


This is the best part of your success :slight_smile: Hope you will be selected soon for TRS.


InshaAllah. Thank you @fouziafaiz990


Great to know.

I have no negative review in last 3 years. I have more than 1+ reviews with ( 3 negative reviews in total ) I’m also waiting for someday to get TRS ( already requirement finished 5 months ago )

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Wish you all the best! :slight_smile:


And there are some Top Rated Sellers who have never posted on the forum before getting the TRS status. They might have posted later, or not, but you’re correct, posting on the forum definitely isn’t necessary for becoming a TRS (and it’s so nice to see someone who understands that!).


I’d probably take out the google shortened link to your portfolio (they might want you to put the full link if it’s an allowed URL)

I’m not sure if they might think some of the gig images are too similar (eg. 3 look the same apart from the text).

The gig video thumbnail when shown on the profile for “I will add animations to powerpoint presentation” has text that looks cropped (due to Fiverr cropping it but maybe repositioning the text or choosing a different frame taking into account Fiverr’s cropping might help that).

In your gigs maybe changing/removing the bit about “24/7 availability” might help. I think most TRS don’t say that (since unless it’s a team or something, 1 person is unlikely to be available 24/7).


Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestions!!! LOVE your feedback.
The shortened linked is allowed and most of TRS in my category have similar shortened links to their portfolio added in their gig description. Also, I have recently noted a TRS who has similar consistent style for all of her gigs. But changing colors and fixing the cropped stuff may help! Also, I realize I haven’t updated my gig images for a few months. I will give it try this month and let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:
I will also remove 24/7 now to test it if it works.
Thanks again for your insightful comment.


Why is it so important to be a TRS? I was one for 5 years, and honestly aside from getting money faster, there’s no real benefit, at least for me. But good luck in what you want to pursue.


If you do update your gig then it will not decrease you gig’s rank. I’m not sure i just heard we should not update gig if it’s performing well. So as i’m not sure so just asking…

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You have to be careful to do a lot change in your gig , because your gig will be big possible to lost in the search . I have that experience with my gig before , I edit and do change a gig for three times , and than never can search it again , before that gig was my most famous gig , many buyers click it and contact me by that gig , but after I do three times change , I don’t get any message by that gig again for more than a year …

So , be careful to edit the gig for too many times , if it’s not really importent to make change


The majority of the feedback given is to be taken seriously by level 2 seller who wishes to be top rated.

No seller on Fiverr isn’t aiming for that.

Credibility on the marketplace should be added to some of the numerous benefits