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Help Needed! URGENT! ✅

I’m trying to publish my new gig. It’s about find Instagram influencer.
My gig is completely okay and ready to be published.

But The problem is, Fiverr is telling me that I’ve to take English Skill test.

But the problem is, I’ve already take the skill test and PASS on it.

Still, I can’t publish my gig. Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

Check my profile and Skill Test:

HELP! :cry::cry:


Hi, the test you are being asked is about English Skills, which you haven’t took

Bro, I already take the skill Test which they offer me to publish this gig.

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Well in the screenshot it shows that you took the test but failed, so you need to wait 91 more days till you can retake the test

Sorry about that, have you tried clicking on the “retake test” button? Try retaking the test using that button and see if they’ll approve your gig.

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