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Help needed with a client

Hi all,

please i need help as soon as possible, a client i made a design for with Photoshop gave me a dimension of 8.5”w x 4.14 and after completing the design he gave it to a printing company that gave the follow reply,

“Hi Nick, I received the artwork and pulled it up in our graphics programs and doesn’t appear to be in the correct 8.5”x11” aspect ratio that we would need for tri-fold flyers. This artwork is currently set to 8.5”w x 4.14”w, and scales it up to 11”w x 5.35”h., none of which are tri-fold dimensions available”

Those this means i would redesign the brochure or is there another way of going about this?

Now if you are being paid to do this work, wouldn’t it also be fair for you to pay someone to help you finish it up.

you don’t seem to get it. am done with the job, but the dimension the client gave me is not printable or compatible in the printing company program, its not a printable size.