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Fiverr buyer cheated me and give me negative rating. He asked me to cancel order after delivery and refund but I did not do this then he rated me negatively, please tell me what can I do now?

I deliver him 100% according to his requirements.

Same happened with me. You can’t do anything now.

You could try contacting Customer Support. If you can prove it to them that you delivered according to the buyer’s requirements, they might be able to help you.

Yes only customer support helps you.

Customer Support Reply:

“Hi there,

We understand your concern, but the issue is that we cannot remove buyer’s feedback without their consent. So that it may become possible for us to assist you later on, please resume your communication with the buyer and try to get their consent for feedback removal.


Bob - Fiverr Customer Support”

Same happened to me. just keep on working for the good buyers and your rating will be back to positive rating