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Help needed

I cannot figure out where to look for possible “sellers” I have about 7 sound waves that i need to be put into one printable document(?). I have the sound waves, I just dont have a way to put them all together. Saw the idea on pinterest figured it could be easy to do, bbuuuttt i do not have the software to do so. I have changed the colors of the sound waves through Paint – but i still have the “originals” if thats not a good quality.

All in all, I have no idea what I am doing. and have the money for someone who might know what they are doing!

You might want to try creating a request through your account page. Hover over your username and “Request a Gig” should be the fist thing on the list. Good luck!

Please contact me to discuss your project. I may be able to help you or point you in the right direction.


@stephbomb23 I’ll be happy to do that for you if you haven’t found someone yet.

Reply to @coreyacc5:

You know, adding a new number to your account name when the previously-numbered account is deleted, is getting very annoying. Please stop spamming your e-book all over the Fiver forums. The more you spam post, the less interested people will be.

Please market appropriately, or find a seller here on Fiverr who will help you market and promote your product for you. Forum “advertising” is a really bad idea.