Help needed


I have sent 2 different sellers messages, and it said they were online at the time, and 3 hours later no response. I also asked for a post to go up asking for help, and 3 hours later that is still pending too!
How long does it normally take for a post to go live?


I experienced this too when I really needed some urgent help . How I handled it was to message a number of sellers and eventually, I got one that was responsive. If the sellers you have messaged are not responding, maybe they are not on their PCs right now so you might want to message a few more


A lot of “smart” sellers on Fiverr advocate keeping themselves online 24/7, because waking up in the middle of REM sleep is definitely going to happen when you have someone asking you a basic question. Why would anyone do this? Why, it helps to make more sales because you are a fast, efficient machine who feels no effects of sleep-deprived, self-inflicted slavery, that’s why. Plus, maybe $5 if your sleep-addled brain doesn’t c ock it up.

New idea for Stalag Fiverr: if a seller is “online”, reduce the 24hr time to 10 minutes.



Online just means the seller has their browser open to Fiverr. They could be working on a project or doing something else, though. Sellers need to respond to people at least once within the first 24 hours of contact or else it decreases their response rate. After that, it’s whenever they want to respond.


Not quite. I don’t know about the crApp, but on the website at least, it really just means “user was online in the past 20-30 minutes, and may or may not be online now”.

I hope it’s the same on the crApp. It would make it even more amusing to think people are depriving themselves of sleep just to look online in the hope of a sale. Pathetic, really.

Either way, all “hi” messages deserve a 23 hour wait. Besides, the response rate is broken so it makes no difference anyway. Apart from the poor frustrated buyer who just wants to reach a decent seller who isn’t gaming every fraction of the broken system. But hey, that’s what happens with barrel scraping.


Be aware, OP, that some sellers are deleting old gigs to start up new gigs just to make a sale. Do you think they have your best interests at heart, or rather their own desire for $$$?

Help is not so much required here as scrutinizing sellers and judiciously picking before wasting your time on a 5-star chancer. (SECRET TIP TIME–>) You can get rid of all those awful reviews, bad sellers! Just delete the gig.

So, despite all the moaning the forum, nobody who wants this type of tip will read this secret tip. Lulz.


Usually Most of the time Buyers inbox me when I was sleeping , After I wake up , Everyday < I am seeing Lots of Messages. But unfortunately because I am late , Most of the time, They hired someone eases. So , Its also very tough to online 24 hours even I am not online. And So , When I am online , I am online, And when i a, offline, I am offline


I always online in my mobile phone for a message from buyer… but no buyer message me, so sad… i online when i sleeping … if any buyer message me i get notification as like as call and i wake up for replay :slight_smile: