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Help neeeded. Ordr cancellation after delivery

Can someone please tell me what to do when you have delivered the requested product and the seller insists on cancelling the order?

I obviously declined their offer but they again sent opened the dispute to cancel the order. This time I mistakenly clicked on ‘accept’ button instead of the ‘decline’ button.

This means my order was cancelled which I didn’t want to.

What should I do now? I have invested my time and energy and ain’t getting any money which is quite unfair.

Also, I feel like the seller was trying o save their money only.

You accepted the cancellation. There’s nothing you can do.

Even if you contact Fiverr customer support they will look at the chain of events >>> buyer requested cancellation >>> seller accepted cancellation.

Sorry, but this is a hard lesson to learn.

What you might want to do though is to better understand why the seller requested a cancellation. Were they clearly a scammer from the start? Were you desperate to accept any job? Did you ignore any classic warning signs? Did your work not live up to expectation?


Umm, how would I know if they were scaemmer?

DO you mean " buyer " instead of “seller”? because you are the seller if you are the one who’s doing work.

nothing you can do as @english_voice said. you greed for cancellation. and many of us made the same mistake at some point by accident.

You can’t know for sure but it’s always up to you to stand your ground if they are scammers or even if they are not scammers but just an unsatisfied buyer.

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