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Hi, I am new on fiverr and have 2 active gigs from a long period of time. There are no buyer requests in my profile and also I have not received any message from anyone. What should I do?


What are your gigs for? would be good to get an understanding of what you’re offering so we may be able to help.


Hello Shakruk89,

First of all welcome to Fiverr, I know you will find success here.

Like every new seller, we share in the same plight of getting orders. Sometimes I think it was easier for the first sellers who signed up when the competition wasn’t that stiff.

Most buyers, like me, will always buy from a seller who other buyers have validated…it’s unfortunate but that’s just how it is. So your target now is to get some good ratings and reviews rolling in.

When I look at your gig, you need to check the grammar and punctuation of your gigs. You are offering a service that needs to show knowledge of good English so should your gig.

When you have that done, there are lot’s of resources on this forum and on the internet about promoting your gigs.

I made my first sale after tweaking my descriptions and titles for quite a bit.

The other place you need to befriend is the Buyer request page. I once thought I was not seeing the requests, I got a browser add-on that refreshes that page every other 2-5 minutes. You will definitely see buyer requests. I literary jumped off my seat the first day I say those buyer requests…lol. Fiverr gives you 10 offers a day, utilize all of them, offer to do all the work cheaper than you would.

At the beginning don’t think or even care about making money. You need to get validated, and you can only get that by doing good work cheap.

Don’t give up, keep at it. I may actually be in need of your services…:slight_smile:

Best of luck.


Thankyou jox, It is indeed a great tip for me. I will surely revise the gig and will add-on the browser that will refresh the page and hope i will be getting the buyer requests.



I provide video animation services. I create whiteboard, 2d animation, kinetic typography and explainer videos to my clients.


As a previous poster said make sure your gig titles and descriptions are clear and informative. For example 2 days ago I added one word to a description on one of my gigs and am know being seen by nearly 1500 more buyers! Little things can make a big difference.

Don’t give up and keep going!


I am surely goona revised the title and description of the gig and I sure it will make a difference to my profile.

Thankyou for advice.


Anytime Shahrukh,

Another add-on you want to install is Grammarly. As you type, Grammarly flags mistakes and helps you make sure your messages are clear, mistake-free, and impactful.


@joxpress an excellent tip for everyone - good shout! Grammarly is essential these days.


Please cool down & send 10 offer daily. I wish your goodluck.


Agree with advice given. Focusing on making money at this stage can be difficult as your energy & resolve will dry up before the cash cows roll in. Instead focusing on a goal to complete a few key business building tasks each day (BR, gig research, reading forums, etc) will inevitably payout the money you are looking for without it being your focus.


Please post your own thread in ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ - thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Added - please stop posting your link on other users’ threads. Please start your own.


Using auto refresh add-ons/extensions is forbidden and your account may be warned/restricted.


Thank you for this great advice. I added the extensions.


But the 10 daily offers is not showing in my profile.


oh… thanks odal456. I didn’t know that. Where exactly is that stated, I am looking through the ToS and can’t find anything about .

Thank you