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Help, New on Fiverr and bought a Gig


Please help. Last night I ordered a Gig for Youtube Channel Art. I paid with a visa direct from my bank account. The money has been taken out, but my account shows no Requests. I’ve not received any communication or email notifications or receipts for this purchase. I’m confused. What would be the problem. I have emailed tech support but no response yet either. Thank you for any help because it scares me when I pay money and receive no indication I am getting anything for the money.


When it comes to payment related stuff, only customer services can help you I’m afraid.


This is happening quite often at the moment.
If you have contacted CS then you can simply wait for a response. It happened to a client of mine and the response was approx 24 hours later. It may be an idea to contact the seller and let them know that you ordered if you had been in contact with them previously.


No worries this happens sometimes please wait for Customer Support and this issue of yours will be solved.


Yes they did finally reply but only said what you said. The seller has not
responded to me at all and I messaged them about it last night. First
experience with this site and I’m very disappointed.


Sorry you’re disappointed - if it’s a payment issue, then CS will sort it out for you. Until it’s sorted, the seller doesn’t have an order to complete, so there’s nothing they can do until they get an order to start. I do hope you can order your gig soon!


Maybe the seller is in a different timezone. Hence the delayed reply.


Always[quote=“vignettevlogs, post:1, topic:105970, full:true”]
Maybe the seller is in a different timezone. Hence the delayed reply.
Yes may be and may be not. I always suggest my clients and buyers that always check the buyer response time before doing any communication.


Yes, I appreciate they don’t have an order to complete. However I messaged
them letting them know I’m a new member on the site and what happened
hoping they might have a suggestion. As it turns out they may have only
been able to tell me to contact customer service, but they should have
messaged me back. They are supposed to have very good communication but
have not proven that to me. I will likely choose to go with a different
seller because of that… communication with customers is almost more
important to me than the actual work they will do.


I realize this is the internet and not a store like I am most used to when
it comes to buying things, but no different… real customers, real money,
real profit and loss.


Its been nearly 24hrs


It’s been almost 24 hrs. Sorry… not sure if that posted the first time.


Normally fiverr Customer Support reply in 12-18 hours they will surely get back to you with a solution don’t worry fiverr is secure platform


Customer Service replied a little while ago, but they didn’t solve anything.