Help--new order


I just joined today. Trying to order an infographic for $6 for my small non-profit. I input all the credit card info, etc. I get a “working on it” page that has been going for almost an hour now. Whats up?


Contact Customer support.


thanks, saddu. I’ll try that.


Pleasure. :slight_smile:


Maybe your internet broke. try to refresh and look for active orders on dashboard. If you don’t see anything contact support.


I contacted support. I can’t submit a request form, because they ask me to “verify I’m a human” but don’t supply any Captcha text that I can enter. So the form is rejected. Therefore I CAN’T contact support. Other ideas? My internet is working for other things I am currently doing.


Captcha didn’t load probably the internet problem. Try once you’re done with other things to ensure proper internet connectivity.


Fiverr captcha needs you to click on images that match the question. Did you not get this? If not, try a different browser. They recommend chrome.


Another thing you could try is to check you’re enabling cookies in the browser for the required site(s) and JavaScript (eg. if you’re disabling scripts with NoScript or something you’d need to enable it for the required sites in the pages you are having trouble with).