Help New Sellers Please


hello fiverr forum members. i am new here also and i found many posts to new seller wants to help.but no one seriously help for us,everyone ask how can we increase our sells.on fiverr,the impressions are good traffic,tags ,everything.but no sells yet. seniour sellers top or level 2 sellers give as best tips or ideas.kindly help us seriously or generously that we all newbies are really thankfull to you.


Hey @sonyak95

there are hundreds of topics with tips for sellers, Fiverr’s official materials about what to do when you are a new seller, you can spend days reading that stuff.

Why do all new sellers feel entitled?

We all started from zero. I personally did not log into the forum until I was already selling for about a year.

What did I do instead of posting asking for people to help me?

I studied my competition, planned what I would sell and how to market it, and at the same time I practiced my techniques, honing my skills.

If 90% of new sellers did something similar in the time it takes them to post here, read replies and then ask for more help, sales would actually come a lot faster.

It’s not that we are not trying to help, it’s that you are not ready to face the fact that no matter what we say, in the end it is you who needs to help yourself.

Do the work. Pay your dues. Stay the course.


thanks for your suggestions.when i posting this forum it does not mean that we all newbies are dumb and we have poor skills thats why we ask for someone to help us…
when newbies are joining fiverr they have very passionate as well ,they research but unluckly not successfull .thats why i posted on fiverr forum,its our right to posting our issues into selected forum does not mean that someone like you rplying like this kind of …when if you not want to give your best ideas then its ok but stop rplying moral down messages.



Oh I am so sorry you feel that way. I never saif you are dumb. I said you felt entitled. To knowledge. Shortcuts. Sales.

But the fact of the matter is no one owes you anything here.

If you opened a physical store someplace and people never walked in your store, what would you do?

Wouldn’t you try to advertise? Re-arrange your store window? Run special sales?

Were you offended when I suggested you “do the work”?

That being said, how may I help you?

Would you like for me to point out what you are doing wrong?


ok i understand thanks.:eyeglasses:


You send offers in buyers request or try to get buyers in social media.
If you get 1 order try to get 5 star. It’s help to lot in future order.