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Help! Newbie needs Advice

Hey, everyone!

I am a new fiverr designer-- I have 3 active gigs. One focuses on ghost-writing outlines, which is my most popular. I had intended to come on Fiverr as a book cover designer first-- which is my second gig, and thought I would throw in beta-reading, which I have done professionally for quite some time.

I have gotten a few orders for the outlining gig and the cover-design gig, but no interest in the beta-reading gig… this makes me feel a little discouraged because I originally saw it as being one of my most successful.

I don’t really want to devalue my time or experience by having super low prices, as many beta-reading gigs have in order to be noticed or competitive. However, maybe extreme devaluation to get noticed is a necessary step with new gigs?

Any advice on how to get noticed other ways and rake in some more orders?

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I do not know how to respond. Couple of days ago one girl posted something, she is beta reader, all her reviews are outstanding, she has multiple orders and she keeps prices ridiculously low, 30$ for 400 pages book. I told her she needs to add zero on the end (aha 300$ minimum) and I was flagged by community.

She charges 10$ for beta reading 200 pages. That is just … I wont even look at a book for 10$, at least read it and write full report on it.

But, she has orders…


That seems to be the common trend for that particular gig… I love reading and feel like I really have something to offer skills-wise, but you’re absolutely right-- I can’t compete with $10 for 200 pages.

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