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Help No buyer Request


Hello everyone

I’m new to fiverr, and everyday i keep checking my Buyer request section nothing seems to happen, No Buyer request?? How will I get jobs??


how many gig you set up?


@ahsan_imran i just created 3 gigs, virtual assistance and Graphics design


i faced that kind problem when i was new in Fiverr. If you are new then it is common…sometimes you will get few or more buyer request and sometimes you get 0…thats why you have to make more gigs and try to get traffic in your gig…


@ahsan_imran Thanks for this advice, how do i get traffic to my gigs?


share your gigs properly in social sites,blog sites and also in that forum…and try to create more gig…7 or 8 gig atleast.


@ahsan_imran How much maximum gig can create on fiverr


@ahsan_imran thanks for the tip!


if you are new seller…then you can create 7 or 8 gig maximum…if you get level 1 badge…i mean be level one seller the you will able to create 10 gigs or more when you will get level 2 then you can 20 Active Gigs gigs…


you are most welcome Kobe89


@ahsan_imran Thank you


You are most welcome.


Empty buyer request page is cause by the use of the wrong “Search tag.” Edit your gig search tag/keywords and you will see contents in the buyer’s request page.


i am too …


@jennypentool Thanks for the tip, how do i get the right Search tag for my gigs ?


Visit the front page of your gig section. Check any Level one seller whose gig is on front page. Click on the gig and scroll down below the sellers gig review. Immediately after the review, you will see the search tag to use.


@jennypentool Thanks for the tip jenny!


I am also facing the same problem.
Very few buyer request or no request at all.