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Help! No orders after trying everything

Hello, I am new at freelancing Job and I entered this Job as a file converter and data entry worker but the problem here is that I got many impressions and views but no one is ordering and I am giving nice offer too. So I wanted to ask If my Job is not good and It isn’t important or I just only have to wait until someone order?
And please give some tips to start with…Please answer and provide me with your knowledge. Thank you :smiley:

Check out the good advice already on the forum.

I searched alot, but I will continue searching. Thanks

You’re not gonna get anything different here than you would through searching. Besides, your read time is 33m. You haven’t searched a lot.

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Sorry if this sounds harsh, but converting PDF files doesn’t really require much skill, and people can
do it themselves. True, there are people who will still be willing to pay to get it done for them, but I believe there hundreds of similar gigs already available. Your gig isn’t unique or special enough at this point.

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I didn’t search the forum only, I searched many other websites and watched many people talking about fiverr and freelancing jobs. That’s why I said I searched alot, But it’s okay I will search many other posts on the forum. Thank you

Okay. But if you don’t mind to tell me, what are the jobs that I can learn that many people want to pay for it ?

I’m sorry, but that’s something you need to figure out yourself.
I didn’t learn my skills after I started selling here at Fiverr, I already HAD them.
I sure did learn more and improve along the way, but I believe you already need to
be at a certain level.
If you don’t have those certain skills or unique ideas, I’m afraid you’re not ready yet.


I love web design field and I learned alot in it but I still not ready and I needed the money to be honest so I went to something I can do it until I finish my courses in web design field. I will work with your advice. Thank you. :smiley: