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Help! No Orders These days


Hi, can some one help me for grove up my account because i no orders coming to me in these days,

I don’t know why buy last 2 months i earned lot but since beginning of this month no orders coming to me…

Can some one help me for this situation i appreciate that very much.

Thank you.



Hi and welcome.

No one has a crystal ball, however…

  1. It’s Christmas time in the U.S. (and many parts of the world). Unless you sell Groceries, Gas, Toys, Clothes, Electronics or gift items, you can expect a slow down in Sales.

  2. It’s year end for many businesses. Budgets for advertising, print and other media are spent. The buying season for many businesses is over.

  3. On Fiverr you are an independent business owner and must pursue advertising and promoting of your gigs outside of Fiverr. Promote your gigs Locally, Regionally, Nationally and around the world. Promote your gigs independently. Most of your buyers are not even on Fiverr. They are out in the world and you must promote your gigs where they are.

    Good luck!


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