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Help! Not getting orders anymore :(

Ok so long story short…

After 2 years of amazing Fiverr experience and lots of ongoing projects, I have reached a terrible period… 2 months ago I had a medical issue which it had to be taken care of, and this forced me to cancel some ongoing projects. This period took about 2 weeks of me not being present here. Which, sadly, decreased my rate, and from top level, I am not level 1…

My responsiveness, rate and also on-time deliver are great, over 97%, however, unfortunately my order completion is not at 81%…and sadly, this will lead me to new entre level again…

After this period, I noticed that nobody is messaging me anymore, nobody is ordering from me, and I am very anxious about this situations, because after 2 years of ongoing work, I am not freaking out because I don’t have anything to do. I have searched my gig, and it’s the last pages of search… It really is heartbreaking for me because I have worked a lot to get to the top, and now, because of my medical thing, and my 2 weeks absence, now I am about to have nothing.

My impressions are still going down, and I really don’t know what to do to increase my gigs again :frowning:

This is my top gig by the way:

As you can see, my reviews are amazing, I am really working very hard for my clients, everything is great, but not my clicks nor impressions…

Not to mention, while I was browsing this niche of PDF design, I even noticed there is a gig by someone who literally stole my gig image and but their own PDF designs over mine…

I really don’t know what to do, should I cancel my current account and open up a new one and start fresh? Should I create a new gig? I don’t think my gig impressions/clicks/order will increase anytime soon and I don’t want to fully freak out about this…

Have you experienced something similar? Can you please advice?
Thank you so much!!


Hey mariaslama,I can feel for you.Although I am new here and no one to recommend you anything.But,I think you should start again by sending offers to the “Buyers request” page and explain yourself i the offer section.
Apart from it,you can create a gig explaining why you were not able to deliver projects and that you are true CHAMPION!!

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Hey, Feel sorry for you. I think you should try to promote your gigs on social media,That will help you to get more views and impressions.i have seen your profile and after reading feedback of your clients i can say that you have really worked hard to reach there so close this one and opening a new account is not a good idea.Keep your head up.Do not give up. wish you the best.

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It must feel terrible to be in such a crisis, however based upon what I’ve read around here by some of the Fiverr Veterans, it would prove worthwhile to be persistently optimistic and patient. According to my research, it seems you may have been placed lower in the search rankings due to your most recent Fiverr experience being a cancellation of orders. At the end of the day they are a business as well, and they lose money from a Seller’s canceled orders. Take hearth though; for in time you will rank back up and perhaps even beyond where you were. At least you know it isn’t impossible to obtain, and more importantly, you know you are more than capable. Be sure to check out the ‘Buyer’s Requests’ section of Fiverr. Submitting proposals may bring more buyers to your profile/gig URL, which will result in more traction to your services, and hopefully get the wheels turning on those orders once again!


hey im new here but one thing i have observe is that the gig impressions on my gig suddenly got zero. i dont know what happen. usually at the beggining of the mos. my gig would have a great status. fiverr must have been doing something in the algorithm.

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I’m pretty sure that is normal. It has also happened to me at the beginning of this month, but only when looking on the Fiverr mobile app. If I look at my statistics on a Laptop/PC browser it shows everything in much detail.

im actually using my computer looking at it. i dont use my mobile using those statistics since they are general. and im only looking into one gig.

Like I said I think it is a normal weekly or monthly thing.

No,earlier you were a new seller as you get older here and new gigs keep on adding your gig goes on to degrade in position,that’s why the number will keep on decreasing if your gig is unpopular.

Thank you! Yes, that would be a great idea for start :slight_smile:

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Indeed, that’s the main reason that I wouldn’t want to open up a new one, because I know how hard it has been and how long I have waited to get here, to the top point. Yes, the social media promotion would be a great idea. I’ve seen there are a lot of Facebook groups that could help…

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Yep, I have not experienced this before, this sudden huge drop of things, so the cancelations were the main factors… I will check the buyers requests and will be more patient, hopefully I will get up soon :slight_smile:

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You definitely will be back up there, Godspeed!

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same issue here. My sales have just suddenly stopped. I think Fiverr’s algorithm must have changed :frowning:

same issue here. I have been working for 2 years but from this january my gig disappear 2nd time and not getting sale on fiverr. someone please help me how to improve it please

Thanks for your acknowledgement.

same here, after working on fiverr for almost 5 years, my gig was sent to the last page of best seller section and now i have no one asking on messages (let alone new orders)… i hope we will get through this

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I have been working for 2 years and my gig is no where on fiverr search engine all the ratings are fine but no orders

hello, same thing happens with me you just need some patience and keep sending buyers request soon you will get orders.

I emailed Fivverr about this, just asking for some advice on why no orders are coming through now and to see if something has changed their end.

They DELETED my account without any explanation.

Something fishy is going on! I’m tired of wasting my time with Fiverr now, they used to be a great place to sell my services but in recent months they have got too big for their boots!

I’m joining other freelancing sites as we speak as I’ve got no time for them anymore!