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Help - Not sure how to hire this gig

My intro was a bit disappointing as in I think the communication was off due to language barriers. I like my intro but want to change the fade out at the end to go into a generic remix of sorts and then my logo show up with a voiceover that says TBone Capone. Here is a link to a video I just put up yesterday. I guess I just am overwhelmed because Im not sure do I go to a music, video, or voiceover person??? Please help. Is there a custom gig someone can make?

Well, if you need a voiceover go to a person who does voiceovers, if you need a remix go to a person who does remixes and if you need it all placed in your video go to someone who edits videos, but first you’ll have to gather the voiceover files and the remix files. Not sure I know of someone who does all three, but sometimes when you talk to those people who do voiceovers or remixes they can suggest someone who is really good with videos. So yeah, I hope you get this sorted out! Best of luck.