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Help on getting more orders

Hello to everyone hope you guys are well,i wanted your guys help on how to get more impressions and importantly how to get orders , i would appreciate your guys help thanks.

hi there ,
if you want to increase the number of orders here are few tips that you can follow

  1. try to offer a service that is unique for a good price than your competitors
  2. In description mention Money back guaranteed and 100% customer satisfaction in would allow the buyer to test your service
  3. Make sure to keep your gig title short
  4. Try to promote your gig outside the fiverr
    5.Make 7 gigs if you are a new seller this will give you more exposure to your profile

if you want to increase the impressions that you get
you have to optimize your gig description using good keywords
try to complete the orders that u get without cancelling them
stay online when ever you can to show that your are serious about the service you are offering
add a gig video

i hope this tips would help you


thank you so much i appreciate your help