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Help on gig making

Im a old user. I had some gig in earlier. Bt due to some view prob i delete those and made new one. Bt the view isnt quit good for my new gig. What is the important part of fiverr gig. Is it the detail important or the package or the picture. I have really mix feeling. On the gig section. Expert n all kind of user plz share ur experience.

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You’ll need a few things to help you get noticed.
-The right tags so that buyers can find you.
-The details about your experience that let your buyers know you are the right choice.
-What you offer in clear terms, so that buyers know how you can help them.
-A picture or pictures to draw people in–even if it’s just your face!

As always, regularly check buyer requests to get yourself some exposure. Speak with confidence. Know that what you’re selling is the best, and convey to the buyer why they should choose you.


Mostly what joshcates said.
From what I’ve seen just use the right tags, have a good picture, and detail your gig and bio.