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Help on improving my image editing gig

So I have recently tried creating a professional looking photo editing gig.
This is the link:

Is my gig good enough to gain recognition and are the things like the gigs tags good enough?
Thank you.


Personally, I think you are nuts to charge just $5 for one day delivery.

I would charge $15 for 3 day delivery and add an extra where one day delivery costs an extra $10.

Don’t give away your skills.


To be fair, he is new to the platform and has no reviews. Most likely he is trying to be competitive.

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Maybe so…but there is a difference between giving away product and earning respect from fair-priced product.

Yes, but charging $5 seems like a pretty low price for one day delivery. If I were you, I would bump that price up to $10 or add a gig extra for one day delivery, make that $5, and make the delivery time 2 days.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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It is a gig in an extremely competitive category. The work is simple and does not take long to complete. I think it is a fair price.


Since this is a really competitive category, what can I do to make my gig stand out and get orders?

What price do you think I should have then? Since yes I am trying to be competitive but I’m trying to not also give out my skills that cheaply in a way.

I guess if it is such a competitive gig you can start out with $5 as your first package with one day delivery.

BUT! As soon as you get a few orders, make that $10. Don’t undervalue yourself.

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Let me ask you this. How long does it take you to do an order? 10 minutes? 1 hour? More? You want to be doing a good job and making good money at the same time.

If it takes you 2 hours, ask yourself this. Is $5 worth it for the time? Or maybe I just want to get a review or two with $5 and then increase the price.

Last question. How can I get my first order? I don’t have much followers that are willing to buy my service other than Facebook which could maybe work?

You need to learn everything you can and improve your Fiverr SEO. When you get your first order, make sure you do so much that they fell complied to leave you a Five - Star review. That way, you are a reviewed seller and buyers will have more trust in your gig.

Hope this helps!

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Talking about seo, is that the only thing I need to do to get my first order right now? Or are there as important things to do to get recognition?

Okay. I can see one thing you can do. If you go on Fiverr and see the top rated sellers, they have very eye-catching images for their first image on the gig.

When buyers scroll through Fiverr, your gig is one of many they see. Well, what do you do? You have to make your gig pop out. I think that you could replace those images on your gig with more eye catching images that will draw attention to your gig.

The best way to go about doing this is to ask yourself this: "what kind of image would I want to see on a seller’s page that would draw my attention? Make something that will pop and stand out from the others.

Hope this helps.

Alright thank you for the information. :slight_smile:

No problem! Happy to help!