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Help on proof reading gig

I recently created a new Fiverr gig and wanted to know what I can do to make it go to the front page. Such as whether my tags are good or not or if my photo is up to standard… etc.
This is the gig. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome,
Unfortunately, this type of gig is not allowed on Fiverr. See post 27 in this thread:


Oh yes I see, is it possible I could edit my gig so I would be proof reading work that is not a Fiverr gig?

It would be best to create a new gig from scratch as your current gig would still have the same URL “proof-read-your-fiverr-gig” even if edited.


Okay thanks for the information. I have now created a new gig.

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You spelled proofread incorrectly… on a proofreading gig. >.<


Oh yes I created a habit of saying ‘proof reading’ instead of ‘proofread’ and I guess that habit it still stuck to me. I need to fix that now.

Also - you state that you use Davinci Resolve for editing - but that’s a video editing software…

Yes I need to update my profile, when video editing I use davinci resolve, but when I edit text (as in proofreading) I obviously don’t use davinci.