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Help! One of my orders still showing in my 'To Do Sheet'


I’ve delivered the order twice now as I thought it was a glitch but it’s still showing in my to do list.

I’ve delivered other previous and since with no problems.

Any ideas anyone?




I have the same issue, i think is a syztem´s issue


i am having the same issue, but with rating completed orders, they wont disappear. and its clogging up my actual to do list.


Same here!


This will help you in clearing your computers cache.

Best of luck

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I also have this problem and just submitted a ticket to customer support…


Hi, …I sent an order and although appears as completed, the delivery time continues appearing in “TO DO”, like undelivered, but only appear in “TO DO”, … when countdown finish in 8 Hours, this situation could affect my sale record?


Seems like I’m not the only one - I’ll report to CS as well.

Cheers all!