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Help or Advice please -

Hi All

My name is Stephen and I am relatively new to Fiverr and having great fun on the site.

I have encountered a problem today and would like some advice please.

My gig is entitled “I will leave a professional review” and in the description I add " a positive review on Amazon with five stars"

So an hour ago I get a gig asking me to leave a “negative feedback with one star” I assume this buyer is not happy with their purchase but I feel this would be unprofessional of me to do this.

I am worried if I request the buyer to cancel the gig they will refuse and then leave me bad feedback.

Can anyone please help me out?

If you would do a mutual cancelation on the gig he orderd there will be no review/comment available for him.

Only if the gig is completed, he can give a rating/comment

Hope this information was of any help

Kind regards


Thanks Michel

But if I send a cancellation request can they refuse to cancel?

Yes, they can refuse. If they keep refusing, you can contact Customer Support about it, and they can cancel it for you. That would be a Force Cancellation, though, and could affect you negatively.

Contact CS… it is the best place to resolve problesm like this… :smiley:

what is a force cancellation?

Reply to @steo85: Before all that, just do a mutual cancelation. There should be no reason why some one would not accept it… if your gig also say’s its for professional reviews than you should beable to write a bad review in a professional way… If not than you should describe your gig more clearly for “positive” reviews only instead.

Amazon review Gigs are a violation of Fiverr’s Terms Of Service and third-parties. Anyone exchanging monies for Amazon reviews are putting their accounts here on Fiverr and Amazon at risk from being banned.

Reply to @steo85: A cancellation without the buyer’s consent.

Let’s hope that he will accept to mutually cancel.

Also, keep in mind what thepromogirl said. Buying and selling Amazon reviews is a violation both of Fiverr’s and Amazon’s ToS. You and your buyers could get banned from Fiverr and Amazon for that.

Leaving incentivised negative reviews for money is illegal (slander, libel, defamation of business). Explain this to the buyer and if he/she refuses to cancel, forward it on to customer support. Don’t use a ‘force cancellation’, as this will negatively affect you.