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Help or assistance needed

Hi frds, can any one help me with job profile. I would like to advertise my expertise in data jobs

Yes, Maybe I can suggest you.

Thank you, pls let me know on how to post for a job

Open a best practices gig about your skill.

Please step by step my frd. Ist thing I have no idea on where to go and open a gig to advertise my skills to the buyer who is looking to buy my services. Hence, requesting you to help me step by step please :pray:

first, research your services keyword, which you want to sell. It is the most important thing. Make a best gig title based on researched keyword. You can follow some of best seller gig, and their description. You can get idea what you need to do. And then maintain a best balance in your pricing. Try to add FAQ. Use Best image that describe your expertise. Make it with confidence. Final stage is share, Share your gig on, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest. etc.