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Help: order cancelled by customer support!


This guy asked me to build a real estate website for him AND I DID EXACTLY AS HE SAID. We agreed on the fact that if I create a website first and show him screenshots, and if he liked it, he will order the gig. Today I delivered it ( I REDUCED THE PRICE FROM 15$ TO 9$ JUST BECAUSE HE SAID HE DOESN’T HAVE MONEY!) and AFTER RECEIVING everything, he made a dispute that he wants 2 more webpages.
After some mutual understanding, he accepted it.

22mins earlier, now, I see that it has been cancelled by Fiverr!

What should I do?


If you think it was cancelled by Fiverr you could contact CS about it through the help desk and see if you can be refunded after explaining you did everything in the requirements.

It’s possible it could have been a charge-back by the buyer.

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Oh boy.

  1. Don’t reduce your prices, every buyer will tell you they don’t have money, but if they didn’t why would they be ordering in the first place? It’s not your moral duty to help them. No money = no service.

  2. For the love of god, don’t send work without guarantees! Your gig should have everything your buyer needs to know about your job, including samples of your work. There’s no such thing as “work now and if I like it I will pay you”, what if they don’t pay you?! You worked anyway and wasted precious time you could spend on another client, on improving your skills, to go fishing or whatever! It’s your time and it’s valuable.

  3. There is something confused about your post. Did he make the order, you delivered and then he opened a dispute on what basis? That he wanted 2 more websites? But if it wasn’t in the requirements, why would Fiverr delete it? Are you sure it wasn’t mutual cancellation, even by mistake? (aka they sent you a request for cancellation and you accepted it?)

What can you do? I’m not sure, but I would start by being smarter than this and don’t fall for such obvious scammers! Please love yourself. x


Yes, ONLY AFTER I DELIVERED IT, he asks for for webpages. IDK what I should do now. I am new here. Got totally scammed.

Never ever do work without an order in place. The buyer owes you nothing if you don’t have an order regardless of what he said.

That’s obviously a scam…

This isnt “urgent”. There’s nothing you can do. You did work without having an order open. So you broke the ToS. You can’t hold a buyer to an order he didn’t make.

Do business legitimately and then this won’t happen.

It’s disturbing that you didn’t see this is a scam and made a whole website without an order. That’s absurd.

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I don’t find any option suitable for this. Can you prove a link?

This was completely your fault.



Now you know.

Try contacting Fiverr Support with the order # number and all the details, but I’m afraid it’s too late. The best thing you can take out of this situation is it will serve as a lesson for your next orders.

NO! He ordered it!!
As I said, I showed him screenshots, and he liked them, and after that he ordered my gig.

You had no contract with the buyer. You made a website despite not having an order for it.

And you’re surprised the buyer wants extra work without paying. Wow.

An order is a contract. You need a contract to hold a client to an order. Oh wait you didn’t have an order!

I forgot something…

  1. If you charge 9-12$ for a whole website is way too cheap, you attract a lot of scam buyers with these prices!

You’re missing the point as well. The buyer did place an order. The mistake here was allowing that buyer to place an order in the first place. He was obviously a nightmare buyer from the previous interaction.

Omg you’re not getting it.

Any buyer who has you make a website BEFORE he orders is going to be a scammer. That’s the whole point. It makes no sense to do a project BEFORE the order is placed.


Exactly. However, once he did place an order, Fiverr should not allow a cancelation. But we know how Fiverr works, so the only option is to refuse to work with such buyers.

He’s obviously a scammer. But Fiverr is in the wrong as well for allowing scammers to exploit the system. The seller is in the wrong just in the sense that he should have known better… but he didn’t do anything morally wrong. He was just dumb or desperate enough to play along.

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Well, I am a new seller, I thought a good service was to order after seeing my website. He ordered it but HOW COULD FIVERR CANCEL IT!
It was done. He cancelled the dispute, Fiverr cancelled the order.

That’s how Fiverr works. A good service is to deliver what was agreed to once an order is placed. Never work on anything before an order starts. Now you know. And $9? It was a pretty cheap lesson. Move on.

You don’t need to be an experienced seller to know it’s poor form to undervalue your work and to not see a blatant scam.

I know nothing about the scope of the order, the buyer’s complaint or the quality of your work, so how can I justly comment? We can’t.

So should I attach screenshots for you to justify?

There’s nothing to justify. Fiverr doesn’t offer good protection against scammers, that’s on you. YOU need to figure out who the scammers are and refuse to work with them. Simple as that.


That wouldn’t prove anything at all. I still don’t know what the buyer’s complaint is and screenshots don’t tell me if the site works.

In any case, I’m not interested in seeing work you did for a client. There’s nothing you can do and nothing we can do. Start thinking more critically and move on.

Fiverr isn’t going to care about your story about doing work unpaid first. That can’t help your cause because you broke the ToS to do it.