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Help: order cancelled by customer support!

So…I can’t show someone sample before ordering? Like I did? Because he ordered my gig later.

Oh goodness.

Creating a custom project for someone unpaid is not a sample.

A sample isn’t custom and it isn’t free work that only applies to one client.

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I understand what you’re saying. But is it “wrong” and against ToS?

I did it so that he can have a glance at it. After seeing it, he ordered the gig

First of all, “it” isn’t a sample, so stop calling it that.

Doing work for someone without an order being present is indeed breaking the ToS. You agreed to them. Read them

In any case it isn’t a contract. You had no contract.

Of course it’s wrong to do unpaid work and only get paid if the client likes it and doesn’t scam you. Wow.

From experience, NEVER, NEVER accept a job from someone who asks you for discounts and tells you that they have no money, obviously they are someone who knows the system and knows that they will easily win a dispute, you can not do anything about it just learn from the bad experience

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Yeah, totally a life lesson

you are correct…