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HELP! Order Dispute

Basically this guy just ordered from me gave me the requirements and then exactly like 2 minutes after he opened a dispute, find the screenshot attached. What should I do? Will my ratings get slammed?


You need to remove the name of the buyer from the bottom of your screenshot.


Fixed, didn’t see it.


You cant do anything ! just accept and forgot about it…fiverr CS will cancel this later anyways and this will drop your order completion rate and little back step in gig ranking !

If I accept, will it drop my completion rate?

yes it will !
No matter what method we use to cancel order, it will drop order completion rate.

( I have read few posts where people says if fiverr CS cancel it and you have a valide point it wont affect your order completion rate )

Wow that’s so unfair…I mean this could be a competitor…Like who cancels 1 min after buying??

Don’t accept it yet. Ask CS to cancel for you, and explain it was a mistake from the buyer. When this happened to me, CS were super helpful and cancelled it without affecting my account.


Ok, appreciate it…will do.

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Just let us know what happens at last :slight_smile:

Alrighty…I have perfect ratings all around except a 4.9 on one of my gigs, I don’t want anything to change that :((

I hope CS help you !
Completion rate drop is still much controversial so if you get it cancel without affecting that it would be so nice to know :slight_smile:

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Hopefully, CS cancels. I hate to meet this type of buyer. Like, there are so many clicks before one eventually orders. How is it possible for anyone to order by mistake? Fiverr should start punishing these buyers. Cancel and give them their money, but make sure they lose the $2 (whatever the amount is) processing fee.

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I know right, I’m going to be honest, I have my suspicions about my competition doing this cause the account was created recently but I don’t have proof so its just a suspicion which leads to no where. Its a big pain for us.

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Keep in mind Fiverr support is taking longer to reply to tickets so if the delivery is near you may first send them a extension request.

First: Open a ticket with customer support asking them to cancel this order

Tell the buyer you have contacted CS, send them a screenshot of your request, and explain that due to Covid they’re taking longer to reply, so ask for a 5 days extension and let them know that as soon as CS cancels their money will be refunded to their account.

Be extra nice and reassuring for them not to think you somehow trying to scam them.
Good luck!


I can’t do an extension request, I would need to decline the dispute then to do the request

Then decline it, just make sure to inform the reason to your buyer. It was their mistake is not fair for you to get penalized twice for it.

If you don’t do the extension you’ll most likely have to accept regardless and that will affect your stats, or it will go late, at which point it will also affect your stats, on top of risking getting an automated 1 star review.

If you want piece of mind and can afford 1 cancellation then I’d just cancel straight away, if not then the safer option is what I described above.

GOOD NEWS guys! I had a decent talk with the buyer and managed to convince him to withdraw his request. He basically wanted to withdraw because he found someone for free to make a logo. I told him that I can make the logo with my style and animate it. And he accepted. Perfect and CS never got involved :)) Thanks for all your help.


No, You just decline this dispute request. then you just create a dispute from resolution center.
and say that to your buyer. : I just created Cancelation request please accept this. thanks

I think you need to hide your client name